Altadena Community Church was founded in 1940 by a group of people seeking a freedom of religious thought that they had not found in other churches. These founding members met in homes, the local tavern, and the Masonic Temple before purchasing property and breaking ground in 1947.

In 1967 ACC joined the United Church of Christ, a denomination made up of self-governing congregations from four Protestant traditions. Each United Church of Christ congregation makes its own decisions, chooses its own pastor (who becomes a member), and respects the differing approaches of other congregations in the denomination. Member churches draw support from the UCC in many ways and, in turn, come together in the UCC to pool their resources for mutual aid and wider mission. In 1986 Altadena Community Church became the thirteenth congregation in the UCC denomination to declare itself Open and Affirming: People of all sexual orientations are welcome in all aspects of the life of the church. We are also a UCC Peace and Justice church.

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We, the members of Altadena Community Church, United Church of Christ, believe in one God, Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, a loving God and the force for good in the universe.

God becomes known to us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to teach, transform, and unite us in Christian community.

We respond:

  • By loving, forgiving, and serving one another;
  • By offering hope, choice and courage to all;
  • By spreading the word of God's unconditional love;
  • By striving for peace and justice;
  • By working for the healing of human division.