At Altadena Community Church, music is a big part of the worship experience. Each Sunday morning service is planned so that the overall impact is echoed in all aspects of the service: the sermon, the songs sung by the congregation, the liturgical prayers and sung responses, and the special music/anthems sung by the choir or as solos or duets; all are parts of the whole with emphasis on the message.

Our Music Director incorporates sacred classics and spirituals with contemporary compositions for the choir. Adding to the grand piano, the music for the service will occasionally embrace organ, strings, brass or wind instruments, and drums. Periodically, Ki provides vocal technique instructional sessions, which can be a great way to ease into joining the choir. If you are interested in joining our choir, even if only for a few weeks to try things out, please call the church office.

"I walked into church and was greeted by angels; then a choir of angels sang. Immediately I felt like I'd always been here."